Integrated monitoring solutions for live and long-term capture with browser interface for remote accessibility.


Captiv8 is an easy to use capture appliance that autonomously captures and stores IP, ISDN and SS7 data. It is designed to be integrated into automated testing environments, captured data can be queried and retrieved as PCAP via an HTTP API.

It can be used standalone or in conjunction with a Protocol Engine where it augments the built-in Captiv8 Lite functionality.




Captiv8 Lite

Captiv8 Lite is an easy to use protocol analysis system for monitoring ISDN BRI, PRI, SS7 and Ethernet. Based around small USB probes and NICs it can be installed on any PC including notebooks making it very lightweight and convenient solution. Many links can be monitored simultaneously, including multiple Ethernet interfaces, making it ideal for PSTN - VoIP gateway analysis.




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