Rapidly test & troubleshoot 4G, 3G & 2.5G networks with Valid8's Protocol Engine test solution for Wireless.

2G Network Emulator

The Valid8 2G GSM Network Emulator enables testing of the A interface over IP towards the BSC.




3G Network Emulator

The Valid8 3G Network Emulator is a comprehensive solution for 3G UMTS network emulation and load testing. It enables testing of the Iuh inferface towards the HNB Gateway and the IuCS and IuPS interfaces towards the RNC/HNB Gateway. Options are available to include real or simulated HNBs.




4G Conformance

The Valid8 4G Conformance Test Suites are available for many protocols and interfaces including S1, Diameter, GTP, SIP, H.323 and many others.




4G Network Emulator

The Valid8 4G LTE Network Emulator is a comprehensive solution for 4G network emulation and load testing. It provides either the complete emulated EPC and IMS layers or just the nodes that are needed for a specific test. There are options available to include either our real eNodeB if you need to use real UE devices with real web-browsing, or our simulated eNodeB in software if you don't need the RF interface. It is cost-effective and ultra-portable, and is ideal for demonstration, testing and training purposes.




4G UE Emulator

The Valid8 4G UE Emulator provides a cost-effective solution for generating realistic UE calls in testing scenarios. It is a scalable solution that enables the generation of up to hundreds of calls over the Uu interface. It is useful for eNodeB feature and capacity testing and any use case where real call generation is needed. It provides many advantages over using real UEs or basic simulators, including:

Software based UEs are much more flexible in terms of adding new features than real UEs.

Real UEs often become obsolete within a few years

Easier to execute scripts over large numbers of virtual UEs than on real UEs

The HW doesn’t need to change when increasing the number of virtual UEs

The band for software based UEs are fully configurable, unlike real UEs

TCO (total cost of ownership) for software based UE solution is less expensive than real UEs




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