The Evolution of LTE

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is fast becoming the global technology standard for the mobile industry. LTE arrived on the scene in 2004 when NTT DoCoMo of Japan proposed LTE as the international standard. [1] The technology was further validated In February 2007 when Ericsson first demonstrated LTE worldwide with bit rates up to 144 Mbit/s.[2] Providers are now looking to the future with LTE-Advanced that provides data speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s.

As the next-generation in 3GPP technology, LTE offers significant advantages, including enhanced bandwidth and performance and better integration with other open standards. Consumers are ravenous when it comes to newer, better and faster mobile devices and services. According to a new report by GSA, the number of worldwide LTE subscribers grew by 290 million in 2014, to reach a total of 497 million subscribers. GSA also estimates the number of commercially launched LTE networks worldwide to reach 450 by the end of 2015, up from 364 at the end of 2014.[3]

As with any emerging technology, LTE presents both exciting advancements and complex new challenges. LTE supports a wide range of applications-such as VoIP, live video streaming and video conferencing-creating new market opportunities. The explosion of vendors entering the marketplace can lead to a range of issues that must be addressed, such as interoperability. And with more than 40 different frequency spectrums, spectrum fragmentation is a challenge. The Global Certification Forum (GCF) started developing LTE Certification in March 2008 and says that a "global certification scheme is a key milestone on the road to mass market LTE." They state that a certification scheme depends on several factors including readiness of test specifications, availability of mature LTE reference terminals for test validation and timely investment in test platforms from the test industry.

Testing for Greater Insight and Confidence

In the rapidly evolving LTE market, testing is more important than ever. Compared to the complexities of LTE, the old 3G technology now seems like a safe and familiar friend. While LTE promises faster uploads and downloads, more capacity, improved spectral efficiency and lower costs, providers must be able to quickly test and validate new products and services to meet the high performance and quality demands of the consumer.

The ability to test your LTE technology-across a variety of applications, environments and bandwidths-is critical to ensuring a high quality user experience and the success of your product or service in the marketplace. A comprehensive testing program gives you the insight and confidence you need to go boldly where other providers may fear to tread.

Due to the complexity of LTE, the potential for quality and operability issues is high. It is essential to test large volumes of data across the LTE network to ensure seamless compatibility and performance. There are a wide range of applications to be tested from authentication to voice to video. Testing must be done quickly and efficiently to get quality products to market before the competition.

LTE Testing: Where to Begin?

LTE demands a successful testing solution that is comprehensive, easy-to-use and cost effective-one that can test capabilities in challenging real-time conditions. To address the numerous technical and commercial challenges presented by LTE technology you need a reliable, scalable test solution that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Valid8's testing platform is a highly effective way to make sure all of the bells and whistles of your LTE technology are working, while eliminating the "junk" that can cause problems and delay or prevent you from going to market. Our all-in-one testing platform provides virtually unlimited testing ability and can be customized as needed.

Our testing solution allows you to test:

Valid8's turnkey solution allows you to test in a real-world environment, in-house, without connecting to a public network, affording you greater security and the flexibility to test when you want to. Our test platform allows you to see how your products behave over the mobile network and its compact design provides you with greater freedom and mobility-you can carry the testing unit with you at a trade show. Simply press "go" and you easily demonstrate at any time and any place the quality and performance of your LTE technology to customers and key stakeholders.


In a rapidly evolving LTE market, Valid8 offers a reliable, cost effective way to test new products and services to ensure exceptional quality and performance. Our mobile, easy-to-use platform offers plug-in-play testing-across a variety of applications, environments and bandwidths-to validate your technology, differentiate your offerings and speed time to market. Valid8's deep technical expertise and hands-on support ensure quick responsive test solutions to new and emerging challenges you may face in deploying LTE technologies.

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