The Valid8 Internet of Things (IoT) Load Tester provides an all-in-one, cost-effective solution for emulating and testing against large numbers of IoT devices. It is a fully automatable solution that addresses the unique challenges brought by IoT testing by supporting a wide range of protocols, industries, and manufacturers.


  • Ability to simulate an entire city’s worth of IoT devices!

  • Supported protocols include CoAP, MQTT, HTTP REST, XMPP, and custom protocols

  • Up to 10,000 Ethernet devices (scalable) with unique IP addresses. Up to 10 unique MAC addresses

  • 1,000 Wi-Fi devices OTA with unique IP addresses. Up to 10 unique MAC addresses

  • 250 LTE devices OTA with unique IP addresses

  • 4 LoRa devices OTA

  • 4 Bluetooth devices OTA

  • Cross-domain protocol support

  • Fully automatable using HTTP REST API

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Scalable architecture

  • True stateful simulation / deterministic behavior

  • LTE -U/-N support

  • Network impairment simulation

  • Generate valid and invalid/negative messages and scenarios including malformed, dropped, and misordered packets (fully editable scenarios)

  • Signaling request/response messages for handling, mobility management, authentication, QoS

  • Check parameters in messages from SUT and flag errors

IoT Load Tester

What can it do?

The IoT Load Tester solution is capable of simulating and testing several devices individually or in parallel:

It can simulate

IoT Devices

IoT Infrastructure

It can test

IoT Infrastructure



Bluetooth® Core Specification 4.2


RFC 7252


RFC 7230

RFC 7231


Custom LoRa Protocol




RFC 6120

RFC 6121

Additional Details


IoT Load Tester - Bluetooth®

IoT Load Tester - CoAP

IoT Load Tester - HTTP REST

IoT Load Tester - LoRa

IoT Load Tester - MQTT

IoT Load Tester - XMPP

IoT Load Tester - Custom

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