Our Educational Packages provide the network elements and instructional materials needed to get your students working with mobile neworks. The package includes our mobile network emulators (3G, 4G) along with the 4G UE Emulator and instructional materials designed to give the user real-world experience in working with mobility networks. There are options available to include either our real base stations if you need to use real UE devices, or our emulated base stations in software if you don't need the RF interface.

The Education Package - Mobile is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students alike. For undergrad students, there is the ability to run and look at standard call flows on a real network with real phones. For graduate students, the abilities open up for development using the fully editable core network emulators.


  • Full mobile network with real RF base stations

  • Works with Wireshark to allow analyzing of data traffic

  • Connects to network nodes from various vendors

  • Instructional materials explain device architectures, network architectures, packet structures, and codec types

  • Can be used to test real vendors’ equipment compliance to standards

Educational Package - Mobile

What can it do?

The Educational Package - Mobile solution is capable of simulating and testing several devices individually or in parallel:

It can simulate

4G Network

4G UE traffic

3G Network

It can test

All elements of 3G and 4G networks


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Additional Details


Educational Package - Mobile - Complete

Educational Package - Mobile - 4G Network with RF

Educational Package - Mobile - 4G Network Only

Educational Package - Mobile - 4G UE Emulator

Educational Package - Mobile - 3G Network with RF

Educational Package - Mobile - 3G Network Only


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