Introduction, Inc. is a global leader in feature, conformance and load testing for LTE/4G, 3G, IMS, VoIP and PSTN telecommunication networks. Our cutting-edge technology delivers the tools necessary to validate new and emerging telecom products and software applications. Valid8 offers the broadest range of supported protocols and most cost-effective stress, feature, negative test and device emulation solutions in the industry.

Founded in 2002, our comprehensive test solutions and services are among the most technologically advanced, enabling our customers to meet the rapidly changing telecommunications needs of a global marketplace. Valid8’s flexible platform can be customized according to the customer’s environment and allows the user to run a variety of tests and modify the software to meet future testing needs.’s rigorous testing suites set a standard for excellence and inspire confidence that your product or application will perform to the highest industry standards.

An Experienced Partner provides a host of testing solutions

Device and network emulators

Call traffic load generators

QoS testers

Feature testers

Conformance testers

Protocol traffic analyzers


Customized test solutions

Test plan creation

Validation & certification of network devices

Customized automation


Affirms and enhances product performance

Rigorous, easy-to-use test solutions set standard for excellence

Dedicated senior engineering support for customers worldwide

Decreases time-to-market

Highly flexible platform adapts easily for future testing needs

Rapidly-deployed, comprehensive testing suites support a broad range of protocols

Increases confidence and competitive advantage

Complete testing solutions derived from extensive international experience in telecommunications validation and customized development

Validate new technologies to ensure highest level of performance

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