Valid8Test Certification Program

When fast, accurate validation of a new device, application or software is required,’s comprehensive ValidTest Program is an ideal off-site solution.

This flexible, cost-effective option offers numerous benefits that can help to preserve valuable engineering and QA resources. ValidTest enables your engineers to meet time-critical deadlines, ensure product performance and conduct specialized product tests that might not otherwise be possible.

Program Contents

We work with you to create a custom ValidTest Plan — based upon over 10 years of’s solution-based experience — and timeframe. The plan covers project management, test parameters, test execution and retesting (as required) and in-depth reporting. All testing is conducted at our U.S.-based lab.

The deliverables can include:

Creation of a custom test plan

Execution of tests at Valid8's lab

Test report with recommended remedial actions as necessary

Gold Level Validation certificate

Gold Level Validation website seal and Valid8'd check mark logo

Co-marketing press release

Should your product or application require additional testing we can offer additional engineering service by our highly-experienced engineers, to analyze the data, issue a remedy report and recommendations for successful compliance. Upon validation,’s Gold Level Validation will be awarded to signify your company’s successful completion of the ValidTest Program.


ValidTest Program fees are extremely cost effective and based upon the level of testing required and engineering hours dedicated to the project. Please contact to discuss your specific test requirements and how our off-site solution can benefit you.

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