Captiv8 is an easy to use capture appliance that autonomously captures and stores IP, ISDN and SS7 data. It is designed to be integrated into automated testing environments, captured data can be queried and retrieved as PCAP via an HTTP API.

It can be used standalone or in conjunction with a Protocol Engine where it augments the built-in Captiv8 Lite functionality.


  • Works with Protocol Engine

  • HTTP API for querying captured data

  • Multiple interfaces supports

  • RAID options and redundant power supply options available on request


What can it do?

The Captiv8 solution is capable of simulating and testing several devices individually or in parallel:

It can test

IP Networks

ISDN Networks



Industrial grade server, RAM and storage per customer requirement

T1/E1 capture (option)

GPS timestamp (option)

BRI Technical Data

S0 Interface - ITU Standard I.430

Connector - RJ45

Channel - D, B1, B2

PRI Technical Data

E1 Interface - ITU Standard G.703/G.704

Connector - RJ45

Channel - D, B1..B30

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